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keeping it personal with a familiar face

Selecting a representative of your company is important and personal. Building relationships is key, as is the product, which must set the standard and innovate others to follow.
Hi, I'm Pedro Alves and I have been operationally building these creative  processes and marketing standards for estate agents since 2012. 



Why settle for anything less than a professional using the latest technology, with the knowledge to provide high end photography for your marketing needs.

floor plans

One of the most important marketing assets. Not only do they deliver a visual representation of the space, but also the scale, to help determine the value of the property.

Delivering an accurate GIA (Gross Internal Area) of a property has been a constant discussion in the property industry.

I have worked closely with RICS, where I developed and built internal training systems to qualify some of the first RICS Certified Property Measurers.



In order to sell or rent a property, UK law states that a residential EPC is required.



360 photos + vr tours

An underrated but very powerful tool to market your property. People love to use their phones, enable them to do so to explore your properties before confirming an appointment.

This benefits you by identifying interested clients and reducing your carbon footprint.


I offer three styles of video. Select the most suitable for your marketing purpose. 

option 1 (walkthrough)

One continuous shot, unedited. This is the most affordable option to add to any property capture. A great way to showcase a property before arranging a visit.

option 2 (impact)

Minor edits and music are applied to make the video more impactful. This is mid-range in terms of affordability and really delivers a sense of emotion while marketing the property.

option 3 (premium)

This option is customised to your requirements and based on style preference of filming, post production, budget and any optional extras such as:  the use of a drone, licensing, specialist equipment and rights-managed music. 

For this option I would suggest getting in contact first to discuss.

client examples



First impressions are important. In today's digital world, your face holds value on numerous platforms. I have worked as a fashion and portfolio photographer, drawing out one's best side. I now use these techniques in capturing great profile pictures for your business or personal use.

Savills Earls Court Sales Flat 10, Kensington Mansions  (5).jpg

from £100


+ floor plan

The classic and most commonly purchased service, essential to market any property.


from £110

photos, floor plan

+ walkthrough video

The addition of the walkthrough video is a must have, easily shareable via whatsapp to your private clients.


from £150

photos, floor plans

+ vr tour

The VR Tour gives you an alternative dimension to marketing online and reduces your carbon footprint.


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